Through different skills, we interpret and analyze your ideas. Through current technology and the craftsmanship of our trades, we improve spaces and, therefore, the people who inhabit them, transforming their lives and experiences. At LuLuca we carry out interior design, architecture and product design projects. We are excited to face new challenges and redesign your home or commercial space, turning it into what you have always dreamed of.


Our LuLucaHome department develops furniture and decoration projects, collaborating with the best brands in the sector nationally and internationally. Each project is unique, we customize it to your needs and lifestyle. We work and advise each client at all times accompanied by our team of architects and interior designers, making each space acquire its own personality.


We offer the service of our construction company, which, hand in hand with our technical architects, will be in charge of the previous procedures and will execute each one of the details of the project until its completion, rigorously complying with all the guidelines, both in design, costs and times. .


Finally, if you want us to close the circle from LuLuca and hand in hand with our interior designers we will equip your new home.



We like to listen and understand your ideas. The first step is to analyze and know your needs for this way? to be able to establish and specify the guidelines and objectives that we have to meet.

Work execution

We collaborate with the best industrialists and artisans in the area. We have our own construction team with which we make the initial idea of ??the project a reality, taking care of every detail and working with the materials in a respectful way.


We work each space in a unique and personalized way. We design every aspect of the project, watching it grow and evolve from the initial phase with all kinds of details and 3D infographics.

Construction management

Our technical department manages and directs all the phases of the work, taking care that the initial line of the project is not lost, even taking care of the request for the necessary documentation and permits.


Once the project is defined, we make the budget, always adapting to your needs. To do this, we will take the necessary measurements and annotations until we analyze it completely.

Furniture and Styling

In each of our projects, we select the furniture, lighting and decorative accessories for the project, paying close attention to proportions, providing a unique and personal style in each space.


Our goal is to create a positive first impression on the prospective buyer or tenant from the moment they see your property advertised.

Home staging highlights the strengths and minimizes the weak points of the home, making the most of what we have and minimizing the necessary investment in repairs, improvements and new acquisitions, thus managing to sell or rent in a shorter period of time.


Do you want to change the space in which you work?

Do you need to redesign your office?

Have your needs changed and do you need to adapt your space to your new business?

Or you simply want to get the full potential of your company.

In each of our projects we control and supervise each of the phases of the commercial process, design and execution of the work and final decoration. This allows us to guarantee that our work is carried out within the agreed deadlines in a very agile way.

Our personalized treatment with clients allows us to advise them so that they can acquire the products that best suit their needs, achieving a decoration of the commercial premises suitable for the type of business.

For all this and our excellent quality/price ratio, our services are differentiated on the street by their originality and finishes.

We like to sit with our clients and listen carefully to what they expect, what they need, what they are looking for, and thus with our knowledge, both technical and aesthetic, as well as our recycling in the latest trends, added to our years of experience, to be able to create something Let it be more than a place, let it be your business.


The beauty of things is appreciated in the details, that is why we offer you decoration and romantic period furniture,
Authentic pieces, artistically renovated in our workshop, that will fill any corner of your wedding or event with magic and charm.
Decorative doors that open as you pass, chairs and armchairs with almost a century of memories, old shutters that whisper to the guests where to sit,
suitcases that have traveled half the world…


There are companies -dedicated to photography, advertising or audiovisual- that need, for certain works, to create ephemeral scenography environments.
A photographic studio that carries out a photo session recreating a corner with style. An office setting for an advertisement for an advertising agency.
Or a production company that has to set up an interview set.
However, buying the furniture for each job triggers the budget and is not profitable.
From LuLuca we offer you a specialized furniture and accessories rental service to create unique environments in spaces with a contemporary, vintage or industrial style but above all original.


We have a workshop space to offer a furniture restoration service. Whatever the circumstance of the restoration, we have extensive experience in this field and we will offer a personalized budget adapted to the need.

In addition, we also have this space to make upholstery changes and to make curtains and blinds for home decoration and other spaces.


At Luluca Shop we like to share our knowledge and we carry out furniture restoration classes in our workshop.

We offer different modalities according to furniture needs, always adapting to the level of each group to teach all kinds of restoration techniques and finishes.

They are designed for small groups where they can offer more individualized attention to students.